Maciek’s Notepad

Travel ~ Dwóch facetów w łódce

Nocleg organizujemy sobie na wyspie. Wyjście na brzeg stanowi wyzwanie, dno jest pokryte mułem, który przywiera do stóp tak, że nie da się go po prostu zmyć, trzeba pracowicie zdrapywać. Nasza wyspa porośnięta jest gęstymi krzewami, ale udaje się znaleźć miejsce na namiot. Lokalizujemy też opuszczony szałas, zbity z pozyskanego na miejscu drewna, zwisa z niego porwana folia, w środku stoi wersalka; ktoś tu musiał kiedyś mieszkać.

Technology ~ Creating slide decks in Jupyter notebook

The great thing about using Jupyter for creating slide decks is that I could easily access all the data in the environment, in the way I am used to. For example, I wanted to make a plot of how the progress subject matter experts made on labelling the data over time. I could use pyspark SQL to query the relevant data and then matplotlib to output the plot. In theory tables are also easy to render with the use of Pandas, but I found that less useful in practice: in most cases I wanted to highlight particular cells to draw attention to certain aspects or better explain the data, which meant that I had to include the table in the static content and style it by hand.

Cooking ~ Seafood Paella from Memory

Once something is out on the internet, it’s there forever. Of course, the websites come and go, entire provinces disappear, but the information stays there in some form, in search engine caches, in the Wayback Machine, often copied across multiple sites. Or so I hoped recently, while looking for a paella recipe, which I originally found around ten years ago and then used, with some success, through the years. No luck. Oh well, we’ll have to do it from memory