Pollo con Pancetta alla Avanzi

For quite a while I have been relying on recipes scavenged from various corners of the web, with little added creativity. There are some which I would like to share my take on, like Jamie’s fish linguine – I even have a nice photo taken already – but going for something so much borrowed would require considerable literary embellishment, which recently I have felt incapable of.

So, Jamie’s fish will have to wait; meanwhile, leftovers to the rescue of creative spirit! Half of a small swede has been lingering in the corner of my fridge for too long and today I have finally decided to challenge this sad state of affairs. A search on what is nowadays my primary source of culinary ideas, BBC Good Food website, produced a promising swede mash. To be honest, I was not so much excited by the mash itself, as by the opportunity to try out the new Braun Multiquick 5 we had delivered yesterday.

My dear wife, as much as she supports my cooking endavours, would probably not be amused by the prospect of dinner consisting entirely of swede mash, so I picked a couple of additional items at random: two small, organic chicken breasts, a pack of pancetta, a tomato and a small onion. The chicken ended up wrapped in pancetta and cooked uncovered for 25 minutes in a 180°C oven; tomato and onion had been thinly sliced and with some addition of black pepper and olive oil acted as a salatary ersatz. The chicken was then served on a bed of swede mash.

As you can probably deduce from the fact that I decided to share this recipe, all in all the result was interesting. The sweetness of the swede, the salty-smokiness of pancetta, the familiarity of tomato and onion, spiciness of roasted chilli (another leftover which I couldn’t help not to throw in its entirety into the dish with the chicken) together made for an enjoyable, if simple, dish.

And last but not least, the Multiquick 5 did its job to a satisfactory standard. I didn’t manage to take any pictures before the food was gone, so let the silent hero of the evening feature as an illustration of this experiment.