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Technology :: Machine Learning in Three Pages

Controlling the model capacity is one of the greatest challenges in applied machine learning. It can be achieved not only by restricting the family of functions from which the model is chosen, but also by placing constraints on the chosen models that promote certain functions (usually considered “simpler” according to some metric) over alternatives. For example, in case of polynomials, a constraint might be placed that prioritises those with lower sum of coefficients, or those where the largest number of coefficients is set to zero. Placing such constraints on the models is known as regularisation.

Travel :: Wywiad z rewolucjonistą

Noclegi: przed startem, w obskurnym hostelu w Edmonton; między odcinkami, w dość podłym pubie w Windsor.

Wyżywienie: kanapki i czekolada 90% podczas jazdy pierwszego dnia; befsztyk na kolację pierwszego dnia; kanapki, ciasteczka Digestive z ciemną czekoladą i banany drugiego dnia.

I sprawdziło się? Szczególnie ciasteczka. Idealne przed stromym podjazdem.

Cooking :: Arabba fennel salad, cold or hot

So, we have picked the location that is close to the slopes, so that we do not have to take a bus, or walk for 20 minutes in ski boots, and that is not going to break the bank – but other considerations, such as well-equipped kitchen or proximity to the shops inevitably were of secondary importance. We could eat in the resturant, sure, but if we could afford the extortionate prices the resort eateries charge, then presumably we could have stayed in a proper hotel instead of a holiday apartment? Be it as it may, the situation is this: we are in an unfamiliar kitchen, with an unpredictable assemblage of pots, pans and utensils, but with the basic ingredients, such as olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper, probably missing. It is half an hour walk to get the groceries. What do we do?