Test of Github as a Tutorial Hosting Platform - Literate Specifications with specs2

This is an experiment with how well Github is suited to host coding tutorials. Turns out that the navigation and presentation could be a bit better, but overall it seems to be fairly usable. And since the tutorial has the form of a git repository, we are not restricted to using Github, but can come up with software that is specifically designed to present the subsequent commits as steps of a tutorial… clearly, DVCS and self-contained repositories are very powerful ideas.


  • go to the commit history of the repo
  • starting from the bottom, click on the commit id button to see the description of the step and the code changes introduced in it
  • when finished with the step, go back to the list of commits to see the next one.

Oh, and if you’re into BDD, technical writing or literate programming you might find the content of the tutorial of interest.